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[one_half last=”yes”]Profesional photographer, devoted father and garage rock god.

I started adult life after a restless childhood with rock stardom in my eyes. I played in heaps of bands and you may have seen me at a sweaty gig somewhere back in the day but the rock n roll lifestyle was never for me.

By fate I saw an ad in the local paper for a cadet photographer. ‘I can do that’ I thought. Armed with a bunch of black and white snaps from my ‘Australian 6 months in Europe’ and some extravagant exagerations on my knowledge of photography I got that job. Two years later I’d won Cadet photographer of the year in the major national newpaper photographic competition and now had a job on a national Sunday newspaper being flown all over the country, I think its fair to say I’d found my calling! Working for newspapers taught me many skills needed for wedding photography. The ability to work quickly and adapt to whats there. the ability to communicate with everyone. [/one_half]
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