Following a restless childhood and projected career as a rock star not quite hitting the heights I’d hoped for I stumbled across an ad for a cadet photographer in my local suburban newspaper. ‘I can do that’ I said….

Officially, my photographic career started when six rolls of film taken during my youthful European sabbatical but really, it happened even earlier. My father was a photographer. My mother was a film-maker. Interpreting the evocative language of images? Maybe it’s in my genes.

When the title of ‘Best Cadet Photographer’ in the Nikon National Press Photography Awards came my way in my first year I knew I’d found my calling and before I knew it I was a senior photographer at The Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

I didn’t understand it at the time but newspapers are great training for weddings. There are no second chances. The moment must be captured, or it’s gone forever. Life in the pressure of the newsroom was unpredictable. Exciting.

But then, in 2007, I photographed a wedding and I fell in love.

Here, finally, was a real story, the story of love. It felt like it mattered and it did . I’ve shot a lot of weddings since then but that feeling hasn’t gone away.